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White Dorper Ewes

Here are Red Rock we select ewes for their feminity, style and their ability to do on very little feed.

The White Dorper ewe will nurture their lambs under different conditions. When the ewes are not stressed or handled close to lambing they will lamb easily and will retain and look after their lambs. The White Dorper ewe does not easily lose her lamb even if handled shortly after lambing. The mortality rate is low in White Dorper ewes.

Ewes have proven they can easily lamb by 12 months unassisted, therefore each year represents another generation. It is important to have good feed when mating young ewes so that they can grow to there full potential.

Pure White Dorper Ewes can reach a live weight of 50kg-80kg.

The most important thing about white dorper ewes is there low maintance, highly fertile animals with exceptional mothering ability that resist illnesses.

Red Rock ewe with triplets